26 września 2019 - Wystawy i Wydarzenia

SICAM 2019

Our innovative solutions

Our innovative solutions at SICAM, the complete and exhaustive showcase of what the world industry of components and accessories presents each year.

SICAM [Pordenone] 15th-18th October 2019

The 11th edition of SICAM trade fair was once again a success, confirming itself as one of the leading international events for the furniture industry, thanks to its exhibition format that makes effectiveness and quality of international business relations its strong point.

Our S-MATT superpower coatings with extraordinary chemical-physical properties generated a lot of interest in such a lively and full of energy context. Thanks to the multi-sensory table, visitors could also appreciate their aesthetic beauty and soft-touch effect.

Besides, our ever richer and more efficient range of BIO coatings respond to the great demand for sustainable solutions.

COLOR MEETS RESEARCH was the common thread of our product display. Through research we are able to provide an increasingly complete service and this year we presented Performance Lab, our accredited laboratory of chemical and physical tests to assess and certify coated surfaces. Visitors of our booth were able to personally meet the Performance Lab technical team and ask for information about the regulations for their sector, the requirements for passing a test or why it is important to certify their products.

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